Machine for cutting ends and drilling holes in frozen semi-finished products (workpieces for French "hot dogs") model МСО -1


   Purpose and operating conditions of the model МСО-1:

The machine is intended for cutting ends and drilling holes in frozen semi-finished products (workpieces for French "hot dogs"). The technological process is as follows: the products are put into a cassette at 9 positions and are manually transmitted over the gravity conveyer to the disk knife for cutting the ends, and then to the drilling position. The drilling process is automatic. After installing a cassette with cut workpieces, the operator presses the trigger button, the workpieces are pressed with pneumatic clamps and the drilling process is performed at a given depth. After the drilling is completed, the drill carriage goes back to its original position, and the clamps release the workpieces. Drilled workpieces are manually removed from the cassettes and put into packaging. Drilling and cutting products fall into separate containers.
Operating conditions: exterior temperature  +5...+10°С; relative humidity of the outside air, not more than  80%.

Main technical characteristics of the model МСО-1:

Maximum performance 100 - 1000 pc/hour
Overall dimensions of the products to be cut and drilled: - length maximum* 210 mm ± 10 mm
- diameter maximum 55 mm ± 2 mm
Length of product after cutting edge* 180 mm ± 5 mm
Diameter of a hole (a hole should be placed in the center)* 24 mm ± 1 mm
Accuracy of centering a hole (deviation in plane from center to radius) ± 2 mm
Depth of a hole* 130 mm – 160 mm ±5 mm
Power source: power grid, three-phase 380 В, 50 Hz
Power delivered 2 kW
Overall dimensions: – width 994 mm
– height 1225 mm ± 15 mm
– length 2205 mm
Pressure delivered to pneumocylinder 0,6 mPa

*  - Dimensions are specified when compiling a technical specification

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