Machine for cutting bakery products model МНХ-10 (video МНХ-10).

  Purpose and operating conditions of the model МНХ-10:

The machine is intended for cutting bakery products of various sizes. Loading for cutting is carried out by means of conveyors. The distance between the conveyors is adjusted according to the height of the product. The unloading of the machine is manual. The machine can be equipped with a packet blower and work in the same line with a clipping machine. Minimum thickness of slices – 9 mm, other thicknesses – upon request of the Customer. Operating conditions: exterior temperature  15...30°С; relative humidity of the outside air, not more than  80%.




Main technical characteristics of the model МНХ-10:

Maximum performance for long loaf 1200 pc/hour
Overall dimensions of the products to be cut: – width not less than 90 mm
– height maximum 150 mm
– length maximum 390 mm
Delivery speed of products 12...31 mm/sec
Vertical movement of the conveyor 100 mm
Power source: power grid, three-phase 380 В, 50 Hz
Power delivered 1,2 kW
Overall dimensions: – width 730 mm
– height 1305 mm
– length 1645 mm
Mass, not more than 180 kg

* - this data depends on the operating mode of the equipment.

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