Machine for packing of bakery products model КЛ-3 (video КЛ-3)

   Purpose and operating conditions of the model КЛ-3:

The machine is intended for packing of bakery products (whole and cut) in polyethylene, polypropylene and paper bags (bags with valve) using curved plastic clip (clipband) 8 mm wide, with two metal wires on both sides. Operating conditions: exterior temperature  15...30°С; relative humidity of the outside air, not more than 80%.




Main technical characteristics of the model КЛ-3:

Maximum performance up to 1500 pc/hour*
Overall dimensions of the products to be cut: – width maximum 200 мм**
– height maximum 110 mm**
– length maximum 390 mm**
Power source: – power grid, three-phase 380 В, 50 Hz
Power delivered 2 kW
Overall dimensions: – width 1090 mm
– height 1070 mm
– lengt 2350 mm
– height to the fuse 935 mm
Mass, not more than 210 kg



*this data depends on the operating mode of the equipment.
This equipment can work as part of the line with the bread-cutting machine of МНХ-10 model.

**overall dimensions of the products to be cut can be increased taking into account the wishes of the customer.

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