Line for drying packages of wet feeds of ЛСП-1 model (video ЛСП-1).

  Purpose and operating conditions of the model ЛСП-1:

The line is intended for drying packages of wet feeds and is installed in a line after autoclave processing before packing. The line is equipped with a protective soundproof enclosure. The conveyor moves with stops for loading packages.
The design of the line allows to mechanize and automatize the process of loading and unloading packages. The number of positions and type of loading and unloading (manual, semi-automatic, automatic) are determined by the Customer.
Operating conditions: exterior temperature  +15...+30°С; relative humidity of the outside air, not more than  80%.


Main technical characteristics of the model ЛСП-1:

Maximum performance (at 9 positions) 10000 pc/hour*
Power source: power grid, three-phase 380 В, 50 Hz
Power delivered (fan drive) 11 kW
Overall dimensions: – width 40 (50) mm
– height 145 mm
– length 95 mm
Pneumatic network up to 0.6 mPa

* - this data depends on the operating mode of the equipment.

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