About Us

Firm "BULIT" - scientific vprovadnytske company with years of experience. Since founding the company in 1996, "BULIT" took its place in the manufacturing sector in Lviv and Ukraine .

In 1996, he developed an innovative ultrasonic deretyzatsiynu setting to deter rodents. This equipment has been implemented at JSC "Lviv Brewery", "Lviv fat factory" GP "Lviv complex of bakeries", "Lviv meat processing plant ."

Machines for cutting bread products introduced and successfully work on such as pidryyemstvah Ltd. "Bark", LLC "Mykulynetska Brovar", JSC "Zeus", JSC "Bread -Trade" JSC "Concern Hlibprom", private enterprises such cities as Lviv Kamenec- Podolsk, Uzhgorod, new chapter.

Machine drying pauchiv introduced at LLC "Kormoteh"

Repair and restoration work carried out on the territory of JSC "Lviv Bakery number 1" (upgraded and installed vystiynu box) JSC Concern "Hlibprom" ( Ukraine - holondskyy implemented a project to restore and run lines for making bread, cakes, restored and put packing and hliborizalne equipment), JSC "Viktar"

We offer our clients:

1. High-performance equipment: a machine for cutting bakery products, confectionery, cookies (Models МНХ-9, МНХ-10, МНХ-11)

2. The machine for cutting bakery products (Model ХРД-3).

3. Machine for cutting ends and drilling holes in frozen semi-finished products for (workpieces for French "hot dogs") (Models МСО-1, МСО-2, МСО-3).

4. Line for drying packages of wet feeds (Model ЛСП-1).

5. The machine for packing of bakery products, confectionery products (Models КЛ-2, КЛ-3, КЛ-4).

6. Line for cutting and packaging of bakery products, which consists of: machines for cutting bakery products МНХ-10; machines for packing bakery products КЛ-3; packet blower.

7. A wide range of products from stainless steel (tanks for collecting water, tables for food enterprises, perforated gratings, and others).

8. Filling machine for manufacturing paraffin wax candles of various shapes and sizes.

9. A tank for melting paraffin, wax, with a capacity of 12 cubic meters, as well as by individual order of the customer.

10. We repair and modernize technological equipment, separate units and parts, installation of control systems.

11. We provide design services.

12. We are sharpening knives for breadmaking, produce manufacturing frameworks for bread slicers with given sizes.

13. We produce welded fences.

14. We carry out the average, current and capital repairs of bakery equipment.

15. We are engaged in installation work.

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